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Matthew Evans delivered a thought-provoking talk at Success Library

Matthew Evans delivered a thought-provoking talk at Success Library

Think going vegan means no animals will die? Think again.

Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans, former food critic and TV chef, and now farmer and restaurateur came to Success Library last week and over an hour long conversation with interviewer, Meri Fatin, shared his thoughts about meat production in Australia and the ethics of eating meat. He presented his new book, On Eating Meat, and it was thought-provoking to say the least.

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I know many people will be sceptical but Matthew Evans actually prides himself on having written his book based on facts. He did years of research and took a data and science based approach so people can form their own opinion. This book is meant to start a conversation on how we get our food and it works. His author talk on Thursday was riveting. We are very lucky.

I’m not a philosopher.

Matthew Evans

For those who couldn’t attend, don’t hesitate to reserve a copy of his book.

Australians love their meat. We consume a whooping average of 110kg per year per person. Farms are over-crowded and abhorrent things are done to animals. It is all about producing cheap meat but is turning to veganism the solution to a more ethical diet? The truth is billions of animals are killed on farms to protect fruit and vegetable crops as well. Some shocking examples include 40,000 ducks killed each year to protect rice production, a billion mice poisoned every year to protect wheat or 120 possums a year to protect an orchard. The question Matthew Evans is asking is: how is that different from a cow being killed for its meat?

Animals will die in our name regardless of whether we choose to eat meat.

Matthew Evans

The crowd watching Matthew Evans being interviewed by Meri Fatin

This book is unsettling but we need to know the truth. Listening to Matthew Evans was an eye opener. We might be aware that some animals die in order for us to eat vegetables and fruits but we don’t understand the scale.

Rejoice! it’s not all doom and gloom. The solution: read the book and find out!….. Just joking, I will give you a peak. It is all about buying less but better quality meat that is farmed ethically and sustainably.

I’m not telling people whether they should or shouldn’t eat meat, simply that they ought to be aware of the impact of their choices.

Matthew Evans

And that’s why we love our Library events!

Matthew Evans standing with library staff members Cassandra and Lisa

Matthew Evans with library staff members Cassandra and Lisa

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