Assisting Your Life To Achieve

Changing minds, Changing lives

Due to a fortuitous set of events, Spearwood Library had a lovely box of fresh vegetables left on our doorstep.

We waited as long as we could for the owner to claim them, but in the end we decided that instead of letting them go to waste we would share them.

By chance, the following day I ran into a gentleman named Scott, who was carrying a very similar box of vegetables and turned out to be our anonymous donor.

Scott works for a local charity called Assisting Your Life To Achieve whose mission it is to help people of all walks of life find purpose and live to their full potential through helping others.

Assisting Your Life To Achieve accept perishable and non perishable food donations, toiletry donations, sanitary items, nappies, baby formula and in fact anything that might help genuine struggling families in need. If you can donate anything at all please contact Assisting Your Life To Achieve by sending them a message through their Facebook page. Any little bit helps especially during winter and hard times when there are many local families in need.

For more information about Assisting Your Life To Achieve, or to find out how to make a donation or volunteer, contact them by visiting their Facebook page.
Assisting Your Life To Achieve