Dear Zoo / Rod Campbell
0 – 2 years

This month’s Little Big Book Club selections are based on the theme letter writing.

Children do not wait until they start school to develop their first reading and writing skills. From birth, babies and children are learning all the time. Children need meaningful opportunities to experiment and role play with reading and writing in order to become confident learners. Everyday activities, such as letter writing, are an ideal opportunity to help them develop these skills.
Ernie Dances to the Digeridoo / Alison Lester
2 & 3 years

Depending on the age of your child you might like to read the book and then write a letter together to a family member or friend telling them about the story you read. Some other letter writing topics might include: 

– Writing about a family birthday or special family holiday
– Sharing a funny story about your pet/s
A Monster Wrote Me a Letter / Nic Bland
4 & 5 years

– Writing to a friend and asking them to come over for a play date.

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