Before Homeland made him famous, Damian Lewis stared in Life. Extremely smart, this TV series explores once more the routine of two detectives inside the Los Angeles Police Department. However, the main character is different. With a zen philosophy and a fixation on fresh fruit, he has the potential to become as acclaimed as Columbo, Jethro Gibbs or Monks.


Charlie Crews was a police officer when he was charged with murder. He spent twelve yeas in prison being brutalized before his lawyer finally managed to prove his innocence thanks to some new DNA evidence.

“Life was his sentenced and life is what he got back.”

Returning to the force with a big pay day of 15 or 50 millions dollars (it is never clear in the series) and a new badge, he is determined to find the people that set him up. He will do all this while fighting and solving crime with his new partner, Detective Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi).

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There are hundred of cop shows out there. In the frame of an hour, there is a victim and the crime is solved. The good guys always win. There’s not much twist to it and that is why the cop shows that you do remember have something different. In NCIS, for example, there is the famous Jethro Gibbs. A man of a few words, he hates technology. Columbo doesn’t even need to be explained and Sherlock Holmes in Elementary will baffle you with his deductions. In Life, there is Charlie Crews. Spending twelve years in prison has changed him. Especially the fact that he was put in solitary for most of his sentence as a way to protect him. You often find him talking to himself, reasoning the meaning of life. He is also addicted to fruit. having been deprived of it for so long, he is always eating some different, sometimes exotic, variety.

Charlie Crews bring something that turns the shows into an intelligent fun series.