Let’s talk about Depression 

and the journey to healing 

Depression…many of us know someone who has experienced it. Hear author Christine George discuss her experience of living with depression and her journey to healing.

The book What is Normal?: healing depression through the journey within, a story of the road less travelled in depression recovery helps to lift the veil hiding depression and shows the realities, challenges and triumphs along the way. This is an opportunity to hear from someone with a lived experience and is a step towards breaking down the stigma of depression.

Christine has a 20 year career in community and youth services,  many of these years were spent trying to live with depression. Her journey explores the conventional and holistic treatments available and their long term sustainability.

There are many behaviours and habits that can aid the path to healing and wellbeing. Christine’s book provides personal insights and details of how and where to seek help when needed.

When: Tuesday 25 May 6-7pm

Where: Spearwood Library

Free but bookings are essential.

Book cover for What is Normal?
Book cover for How to heal yourself from Depression when no-one else can
Book cover for The Depression Cure