Here are the finalists for each branch from the free build Lego sessions that ran over the school holidays.  We had over 100 kids show up just for Lego – I guess you guys like it or something – and it’s VERY VERY hard to pick winners from all the amazing creations that were made!  Everyone did amazing things and you should all be very pleased with yourselves.  Claps all round!
Which is why I got the staff at each branch to decide for me. Mwa-ha-haa.

The finalists at each branch are..(drum roll)

Success Library – Finn, Taylor and Alexis

Coolbellup Library – Amber( a little dark there..), Oliver Damien and David, and Olivia


Spearwood Library – Abby, Ethan and Courtney featuring Mr X


Winners of the Lego Ideas book are announced next week!