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Picture Books 2010
Base, Graeme  – Enigma
Bell, Krista – Lofty’s Mission
Kendell,Sandra – Quoll
Kerin, Jackie – Phar Lap the Wonder Horse
Millard, Glenda – Mbobo Tree
Thompson, Colin – Free to a Good Home
Wild, Margaret – Harry & Hopper
Wolfer, Dianne – Lighthouse Girl

Younger Readers
Ashland, Monk – Sky Village
Bone, Ian – Philomena Wonderpen is a very Naughty Teacher
Brand, Dell – History’s a Mystery
Carter, Charlie – Red Devil Down – Battle Box
D’Ath, Justin – Spider Bite
Flanagan, John – Erak’s Ransom
Gleitzman, Morris – Toad Surprise
Griffiths, Andy – Mascot Madness
Havel, Geoff – The Master
Kinney, Jeff – Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Last Straw
McKinlay, Meg – Going for Broke
Murphy, Sally – Pearl Verses the World
Murrell, Belinda – Locket of Dreams
Orman, Lorraine – Haunted
Preller, James – Along came Spider
Rasheed, Leila – Chips, Beans & Limousines
Riordan, Rick – Percy Jackson & the Last Olympians
Simpson, Judith – In the Shadow of the Palace
Small, Charlie – Charlie Small Gorilla City
St John, Lauren – The White Giraffe
Storer, Jen – Tensy Farlow & the Home for Mislaid Children
Thomason, Mark – Moonrunner
Wagner, Michael – The Undys – Wet & Wild
Wilding, Valerie – Road to War

Older Readers
Brugman, Alyssa – Girl Next Door
Carman, Patrick – Atherton-Rivers of Fire
Carter, Ally – Cross My Heart & Hope to Spy
Clare, Cassandra – City of Bones
Colfer, Eoin – Airman
Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games
Darwin, Emma – A Secret Alchemy
Doger, Sharon – Falling
Dunmore, Helen – Ingo Book 1
Faulks, Sebastian – Devil May Care
Gavin, Jamila – The Robber Baron’s Daughter
Grant, Michael – Gone
Gray, Claudia – Evernight
Green, Julia – Breathing Underwater
Grindley, Sally – Torn Pages
Grylls, Bear – Way of the Wolf (Mission Survival)
Horowitz, Anthony – The Night Bus
Hubbard, Kate – Rubies in the Snow
Ibbotson, Eva – A Company of Swans
Kaslik, Ibi – Skinny
Landy, Derek – Skulduggery Pleasant – The Faceless Ones
Macphail, Catherine – Worse than Boys
Malley, Gemma – The Resistance
Mead, Richelle – Shadow Kiss
Meyer, Stephenie – Host
Mourlevat, Jean-Claude – Winter Song
Patterson, James – Maximum Ride: Max
Pfeffer, Susan – Life as We Knew It
Sherman, Alexie – The Absolutely TRUE Diary of a Part Time Indian
Young, Alexa – Frenemies