In the Australian thriller, Kill me three times, great actors come together, surrounded by amazing scenery, to bring us a crazy story of intertwined murders.

I can’t believe I’m going to die in this place. But, as far as headstones go, a man could do a lot worse. I’m Charlie Wolfe, and as I lie here waiting for death’s cold embrace, I find myself asking the question, how did it come to this? I don’t die, I thrive. ~ Charlie Wolfe


Simon Pegg is a merciless assassin. He is a methodical, cold killer and he is on a mission to kill the beautifull, mostly innocent Alice (Alice Braga). Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Indeed, this sunny surfing town is not all that it seems. Three stories will ultimately be linked into one. Will murder, blackmail, revenge, jealousy and mayhem prevail?

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Kill me three times is a good movie. No thinking needed. Just plain entertainment. The story is very much unexpected. In the spirit of Tarantino, everything comes together at the end and until then we all wonder what is going on. It is also a very dark sort of humour with lots of twist and turns.

This was not the movie of the year but it was very much enjoyable. I don’t agree with the critics that absolutely slammed it. I really appreciated the beautiful Australian scenery as well as Simon Pegg. He is always interesting to watch.