Pets are very important. For some, there may come a time when their love becomes salvation. However, how often are we the saviors? In this crazy comedy, Keanu has been catnapped and his owner is not about to let the police sit back and do nothing. He will take matters into his own hands.

An incredible comedy with heart.


Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, also known as the comedy duo “Key and Peele”, star in this unbelievable movie about kittens, drug dealers, middle class workers and the infamous world of gangsters.

Rell is depressed. His latest girlfriend has broken up with him and nothing seems to be able to dry his tears until a kitten finds its way to his doorstep. It is love at first sight between the two. Rell and Keanu will be inseparable for two weeks until some gangsters break in and kidnap Keanu. Seeing that the police have no faith in finding his little mate, Rell decides to act. With the help of his cousin, Clarence, they will go to amazing lengths to find and save the cutest kitten ever from whomever abducted him.

Unfortunately, the mission will not be easy but will definitely include ruthless dealers, dangerous drugs, and lots of laughs for the audience.

What happens when two middle class workers decide to play gangsters?

Rell and Clarence are African Americans. Raised in the suburbs, they have a pretty comfy life and they are more wuss than gangsta. Clarence for example is a family man who drives a mini van and listens to George Michael, therefore it is pretty funny to watch them in the company of gangsters trying to act tough and be like them. And it is all for a kitten!

Keanu is totally unbelievable but it is still very funny. It might be that the quirkiness of the scenario makes it even more appealing. Indeed, at first I thought that a movie about a kidnapped kitten would be aimed at children but this movie is rated MA 15+. This is what makes the plot interesting.

Finally, I have to say that Key and Peele are great. Their bond is really infectious.