Rudyard Kipling’ Jungle Book has inspired many Mowglis…

…but for me and for many out there the only true version is Walt Disney’s. It was made a long time ago but somehow it never gets old. For the younger generation though, it was time and we couldn’t be happier to see a new Jungle book.


Mowgli was a baby when he was found alone in the middle of the forest by the panther Bagheera. Raised by the wolves, he now has a family that loves him. However, a child in the forest is not easy to hide and when the tiger Shere Khan sees him he threatens the life of the whole pack. Men are not allowed in the jungle and this man-cub will soon become a man. To save his beloved family, Mowgli decides to leave for the closest village. He will then embark on an adventure alongside Bagheera and the free spirited bear, Baloo that the audience will love.

This is the law of the jungle it’s old and it’s true as the sky. And the wolf that should keep it may prosper but the wolf who will break it must die. For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

This remake of the animation movie is absolutely brilliant.

In terms of special effects, there is nothing to fault and it is the same in terms of acting performances. Neel Sethi (Mowgli) is very impressive. Knowing that he is the only actors and that all the other characters are computer animated animals, it must have been very difficult to make the interactions as real as they seem but he pulls it off. Amazing.


The story is more or less the same, which I really enjoyed. Indeed, what can be more delightful than to sing along with Baloo and King Louis?

Off course, there are also a few changes. Some that I appreciated and others that I did not understand. Here are a couple of examples: King Louis looks more like King Kong than a friendly orangutan, and Kaa is a woman. Finally, the ending has been changed. However, I like what they did with it.

In this Jungle book, the forest is magical. Indeed, there is a respect between all the animals that is beautiful to watch. The law of the jungle has to be respected for the survival of all. This is a movie for the whole family.