Emma Silverman’s The Joy of Yoga: Fifty sequences for your home and studio practice is a really neat and simple little book filled with yoga sequences to do at home – great for a self-taught yogi like me!The Joy of Yoga, by Emma Silverman

I snap up books with actual yoga sequences in them like gold nuggets, because it is so much more common to find books that just give you a photographic list of every yoga pose, but don’t tell you how to put them together into a practice.

This book is packed with full sequences ranging from speedy bus-stop stretches to in-depth focuses on particular muscle groups, emotional states and times of life – there’s something for everyone and every time in here.

The layout is cute (dare I say a tiny bit too cute?) and the little stick figures used to demonstrate the poses are sometimes a little too simplistic to be really useful. The spreading of one sequence over multiple pages can also make for an interrupted sequence.

But these minor quibbles aside, this book is worth its weight in gold. My morning yoga practices have been given a breath of fresh air, and I haven’t done even a quarter of the sequences in the book!

A couple of other yoga resources that include great sequences to learn at home are 10-minute yoga workouts, by Barbara Currie; and the library’s Zinio subscription (emagazines) to Australian Yoga Journal (check out the ‘Home Practice’ articles each month).