I was really surprised by We are your friends.

In the world of music, one track is enough. One track that will lead to celebrity and wealth. However, some spend their whole life trying and never succeeding. What is the recipe to success? We are your Friends brings us the answer.

we are your friends

Cole Carter (Zac Efron) is young and with his friends, dreams of a better life. A life where he could live his passion, where he would make crowds dance all night long. However, for the moment the dream is far and he has to make do with a small job as a disc jockey every Thursday night. When he meets the famous DJ James Reed, he cannot believe his eyes and decide to take on this amazing opportunity. Of course, success is very difficult to achieve, even with a great mentor and even more difficult when you fall in love with your mentor’s girlfriend. Will he jeopardize his chances? Is love more important than the path he set for himself? Will his friends support him?

We Are Your Friends: 'plenty to like'.

I had it sitting at home for a while and a day before it was due back I decided to watch it. I was blown away. It’s a movie that makes you want to dance, laugh and weep at the same time. It feels really honest. The perfectly chosen music intensifies each emotion. Zac Efron, surprisingly, delivers a great performance. This role was meant for him. Carried by amazing beats, he takes us on a journey while he discovers himself and life in general. At 23 years old, the question is:

“Don’t you feel like there’s a lot more we could doing….like, more quality stuff. I mean Cole, are we ever gonna be better than this?” – Squirell

Of course, it is not the film of the century but it is an inspiring story. Only one word of advice, if you do not like electronic music you might want to stay far away.