There seem to have been for a while now a certain fashion for apocalypse, zombies and the end of the world in general. It may be the will to know if we could survive in these terrible times, test our limits of some sorts. In books, TV series or movies, flesh eating monsters appear to be everywhere. If you are a fan of  movies such as Resident evil : degeneration and more recently World War Z  you will appreciate the Walking Dead series.

Walking dead

The main character of the show is Rick Grimes, a police officer shot on duty and who has fallen into a coma. Nothing seems unusual until he wakes up and realises that the world has changed. The hospital is a scene of chaos, destruction and death. First thing first, Rick needs to find his family. From there starts a long and lonely quest for survival fueled by the desire and the belief that his wife and son are still alive.

Because he was a police officer before the “end of the world”, he has access to a  restricted number of  ammunition and guns. However, when you have no idea what happened, what is going on and who to trust, there is nothing left but your instinct to stay alive to help you.

From the start we are able to recognize that this show is different. First of all, it is not for the fainthearted and I wouldn’t recommend to watch it while you are eating your dinner with family. The zombies are very colourful and seem real. Secondly, unlike every other American TV series, the element of surprise is there. Do not get attached to any of the characters because even if they are central to the story they might get eaten, killed by human enemies or turned into zombie themselves.


Based on a graphic novel, you’ll be able to read and compare notes but more importantly get ahead and imagine for yourself what is going to happen in the next season. Indeed, the story lines are pretty similar as you can see in the pictures. I personally enjoyed both mediums.

If you need tips on how to deal with walking dead folks, check out our catalogue for books such as Zombie Survival : from the dawn of time onwards (all variations) : owner’s apocalypse manual and remember zombies are not always the most dangerous things in a world where food, shelter and security are hard to find.


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