I’ve recently re-read my favourite book and I have to say that I enjoyed it like it was the first time.


The clan of the cave bear by J. M. Auel has got a bit of everything for everyone.

We meet the main character, Ayla, a child of five years old, after a devastating earthquake which separated her from her family of Cro-Magons. Lost, scared and hurt she is about to die when she is found by Neanderthals. It will be an incredible adventure for her to be able to be accepted and fit in this new environment. It is a story of survival and courage that will lift your heart. With her we discover a new way of talking and behaving as well as the different uses of plants or the will for hunting.

The author describes the prehistoric world so well that we have no issues imagining ourselves living amongst our ancestors. It is almost like we are entering a new culture and not a totally different world.

35 000 years ago, where woolly mammoths and huge glaciers were common, we enter the Clan of the Cave Bear.

I have to warn the sensitive souls that some scenes are pretty gruesome. It is after all a world where the survival of the fittest prevails.

You will love this book and if you want to keep the adventure going know that the Clan of the Cave Bear is the first book in the awesome Earth’s Children series.


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