Improve your memory

Can anyone improve their memory? In a word: Yes!

Join us for an interactive workshop which is engaging, fun and designed for any level of ability. You don’t have to be a genius to use these techniques. However, after practicing a few times, people may be convinced that you are!

Simple memory tools can help you remember things like names and faces, birthdays, foreign languages or history. Or simply where you parked the car.

When: Friday 23 July 10-11am

Where: Success Library, 11 Wentworth Avenue Success

$5 per person non-refundable




Ben Colman is an Accelerated Learning Expert who has used these techniques for many years. He teaches others how to improve their memory in everyday situations.

The same brain potential that exists in expert memorizers, exists in all of us. It is the techniques which people with superior memory use that makes the difference. They are not naturally gifted, they have learned specific techniques. 

Learn these techniques with Ben who will teach you The Genius Approach to Memory.