Walking from Alice Springs to the Indian ocean? Why not. Taking only a faithful dog and four camels? Absolutely. This is the crazy idea that Robyn Davidson had when she moved to the Northern territory in 1975. Based on her 1700 miles travel across this hostile environment, Tracks is the new acclaimed movie directed by John Curran and starring Mia Wasikowska.


The story begins in Alice Springs itself. Robyn has with her a suitcase, her dog, a few dollars and this idea. She needs to find and train camels to cross the desert. But how? With no money, she sets out on a journey that will teach her immense amounts. Teach her about camels, about the desert, about the indigenous culture and most importantly about herself.

Inspired by the book that Robyn wrote, Tracks is an amazing account of courage and tenacity. All odds were against her but she was stubborn and never gave up. With beautiful scenery, this movie will amaze you and hopefully give you the will to travel and discover a bit more of our beautiful Australia.

Don’t miss the special features, Robyn is an amazing woman and listening to her is inspiring.