About to hit the shelves of the library is this gem of a book: half-hysterically funny webcomic, half-sincere and occasionally heartbreaking musings on life and dog ownership, Hyperbole and a Half is definitely the most fun you’ll have over this holiday season.

Author Allie Brosh, creator of such legendary webcomic stories as “7 games you can play with a brick” and “This is why I’ll never be an adult“, as well as my personal favourite grammar animal “The Alot“, wrote a whole bunch of brand new comics just for this book, so while you could jump on over to her side-splittingly funny blog here, you’ll be missing out on some exclusive-to-the-book stories that may just make your day.

Click here to find the new book on the Library catalogue and be prepared for anything!

All images © Allie Brosh/Hyperbole and a Half