Keanu Reeves is John Wick. For you and me, this name doesn’t mean anything but for the bad guys it is a totally different story. The Russian organised crime family for example shivers at the simple mention of it.

Wick is not the boogeyman, he is the person you send to kill the boogeyman.

People like him are best not to be messed with. But of course, not everyone knows that, or it wouldn’t be fun.

John wick dog

John Wick seems like your most ordinary neighbour. He is retired and in mourning after the love of his life dies of cancer. She changed him and changed his life and most importantly she knew him to the core. As a parting gift, to help him survive loneliness and despair, she buys him a dog. He has a hard time going on without her but the dog certainly helps to appease his darkness. It won’t last long. While he is asleep, a bunch of gangsters breaks into his house to steal his car and out of pure evil they kill the poor puppy.  Seems cheesy? It is. But it is also a great start to a kick ass action movie. The death of an animal in movies is always sad. Sometimes even sadder than the one of a human being (remember the Lion King?).

From this point on, we have no choice but to barrack for him. John Wick will become the legendary assassin he used to be, going against the sadistic mobster Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen) and his thugs. He will unleash the remorseless killing machine within and seek vengeance.

john wick

Keanu Reeves is absolutely perfect in John Wick. This kind of action movie is tailor made for him. Like in the Matrix, he is at his best here. I personally loved it and I am not his biggest fan at all. Prepare the popcorn and turn off your brain, here comes another american blockbuster that will make you spend a good night in in front of the TV.