Every moment matters in this heart-racing thriller. Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, is a race against the clock to save what matters the most: your family.

Imagine having a nice afternoon tea with some friends. Everybody is laughing and having a good time. The kids want to play outside. You believe that the neighborhood is a safe place and under the supervision of a teenager what could go wrong?


Keller Dover is a wreck when he realizes that his six year old daughter, Anna, has disappeared along with her friend. Who is responsible? He had left her under the care of her brother. What happened? It is his worst nightmare coming true. What to do? First thing first, call the police. And wait? Wait for them to find a lead, to bring back his little girl. But how many children are actually found after being kidnapped? Is the detective good enough? Does he care enough?

There is only one thing Keller is sure of: there was a dilapidated RV that had been parked on their street and it is not there anymore. From then on, we see a father that has only one idea in mind and as time passes becomes more and more determined.

Will he reach the point of no return? How far would you be willing to go?



I really enjoyed this psychological thriller. I was expecting something really different. Maybe because movies about kidnapped children all look the same, especially american ones. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It is something else!