In the morning, like many of us, I get woken up by my Iphone. I then play music in the bathroom through my Ipod to finish checking my e-mails with my Mac. My whole world is Apple however I never asked myself who was responsible for creating such genius machines. Jobs: the inspiring true story of Apple founder Steve Jobs, directed by Joshua Michael Stern, reveals all. This biopic gives us insight into the man itself as much as into the founding of the company and the change into a corporate giant.


Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs, a college dropout with great opportunities but no real directions. Steve enjoys having fun and despises responsabilities until his friend, technical whiz-kid Steve Wozniak, sparks in his mind the idea of revolutionising home computers. Wozniak has the technical skills while Jobs brings an incredible talent in business relations. This is the perfect team that will create Apple 1 in 1976 in the garage of Jobs’ parents. Of course, nothing is easy or given. The creation of such a company requires hard work and dedication. There will be ups and down (mostly downs at first) and even though we know the end, the journey is the most important and what a journey!

Ashton as steve jobs

I have to give credit when it is due (even though I am not usually a fan), Ashton Kutcher is brilliant as Steve Jobs. It is even the biggest positive concerning this movie. It is certainly a very interesting biopic and I enjoyed it but I believe that is because I didn’t know much about the man beforehand. Indeed, the story never goes into depth and stops at Apple 2. I would have liked to have seen more. If you are interested in the topic I would recommend it as a start but it would never stand on its own to give insighful details.

Of course, the set and the characters are spot on but is it enough? The movie is interesting but not an eye opener into one of the biggest company of all times.