Library Service will cease to exist; it will be dismantled into three different councils.
The WA Government just released its options for local government reform. This proposal seeks to carve up your City of Cockburn and divide it between the cities of Fremantle, Melville and Kwinana.
Coolbellup Library will become part of Melville
Spearwood Library will become part of Fremantle
Success Library will become part of Kwinana
What does that mean for you? Besides splitting of the library service, increased rates of up to 15 per cent, with businesses going to Kwinana to pay up to 10 per cent more
Sign now to save Cockburn
Cockburn residents who don’t want Cockburn carved up should sign up to the online campaign AND also sign a hard copy petition.
Petitions are available at all three libraries or download one
Please come in to sign a petition before Saturday 23 November
More information and other courses of action can be found on the City of Cockburn website 
(Amended on Nov 16: added a link to the online campaign)