The audience at Spearwood Library was captivated by Brooke “Sparkles” Murphy from Aham Vritti Herbal. Being the best medicine, there was laughter aplenty even before the benefits of the various herbs and weeds on display were explained.

“Sparkles” holds longer workshops such as Grow your own Super foods, Grow your own Vitality and Eat your Weeds and she managed to incorporate much helpful advice from these into her much shorter time with us. Topics covered included:

  • The how and why of growing herbs
  • Taking your health into your own hands by growing your own herbal dispensary
  • The culinary delights of using some nutritious weeds

If you missed this event, check out this Common & easy to grow herbal medicine for your garden list [PDF – 300kb] kindly supplied by “Sparkles”

An item from our catalogue on this interesting subject:

How can I use herbs in my daily life? : over 500 herbs, spices and edible plants : an Australian practical guide to growing culinary and medicinal herbs / Isabell Shipard.