Harmony Week 2021

Join us to celebrate Harmony Week and hear from Yuot Alaak, author and child refugee, now engineer. Yuot will talk about the remarkable story of his father who lead 20,000 boys from South Sudan to safety during the Sudanese Civil War.

This was to stop them from being killed or forced to become child soldiers and entailed a four year trek to safety in a Kenyan refugee camp. Yuot himself briefly trained to be a child soldier. Ultimately he was guided by his father’s words, “the pen is mightier than the gun”.

Hear his fascinating true story as Yuot was an eyewitness to the extraordinary courage shown by his teacher father and by thousands of ‘Lost Boys’. Their four year journey during which they endured starvation, animal attacks, landmines and aerial bombardment will move and inspire you.

Yuot migrated to Australia as a refugee with his parents in 1995 and now lives in Perth and works as a mining engineer.

His book, Father of the Lost Boys, has been shortlisted for the TAG Hungerford Award.

When: Wednesday 17 March 6.30-7.30pm

Where: Success Library, 11 Wentworth Parade Success