A perfect mixture between supernatural and crime show, Grimm is sure to appeal to a large audience. Created in 2011 by Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt and Stephen Carpenter, this TV series is a clever take on the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales.


Nick Burkhardt is a homicide detective based in Portland. With his partner, Hank Griffin, they solve crimes such as murders, kidnappings and robberies but they never encountered anything too dangerous and most importantly never had to fire their weapons before. Life seems good, almost cruisy until his aunt Mary comes back. Nick starts to see things. Thinking he is crazy at first, she tells him: “Everything is real. It is no fairy tale.”

Nick is descended from the Grimm brothers and has the ability to see creatures for what they really are. “Wesen” walk among us. His job is to “hunt the bad ones”. From then on, he will try to learn as much as possible on his ancestors’ histories and the monsters they wrote about without letting it affect his personal life.


Of course, not all “Wesen” are killers. There are those who would never hurt a fly and there are the reformed ones such as Monroe. From fierce meat eater to strictly vegetarian, this “Blutbad” is one seriously awesome character. Based on the tale of the big bad wolf, he is the opposite of what we could imagine. A peaceful clock-maker, he befriends Nick and helps him in his investigations.


A clever TV series that captivates the audience.

Grimm is one of my favorite shows. It is scary and funny at the same time thanks to brilliant characters such as Monroe. The special effects are impressive and they manage to bring something interesting and eerie to each episode. Male or female, this series is perfect for both. It is packed with action, intrigue and horror but still retains a romantic plot with Juliette, Nick’s girlfriend. Don’t wait, Grimm is available to borrow at the library.


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