Excelsior!! (..wait, is that already taken?)
Heya, my names Michael and I’ll be doing a series of weekly posts about the Cockburn Libraries Graphic Novel collection. (or, lets face it, comics.) We’re going to be doing some cool stuff with our collection over the next several months and a regular blog highlighting the amazing books that need to be read is a good first step in that plan.
I’ll probably be posting on a fairly regular schedule sticking to a four week cycle where I plan to recommend a book or series for kids, young adults and then adults for the first three weeks of the month and then on the last week I’d like to look back(meeeh moar reese…and so forth) at what new books we got in that month.
Should be fun times.
To begin with though, a little hype. You’ll notice we actually have a pretty good range of GN’s already at the three libraries, Spearwood, Coolbellup and Success with over 1200 books making up our current collection. There’s plans to expand that over the coming months and we do get new books in at a fairly regular rate as well, so you should be able to find something to suit your taste and age level, whatever that may be.
For younger readers (or possibly should I say, we have books for ALL Ages) we have the staples, such as Garfield, Peanuts (or Snoopy) and other comic strip collections as well as the perennially amazing Tintin and Asterix GN’s. We have a few newer series like Owly and Bone which I will definitely look at in more detail later.
For the older kids we have literary adaptions such as The Iliad (which i, cough, worked on), The Man in the Iron Mask and plenty more. We even have Shakespeare! In manga form! You heard!
Speaking of which we have a ton of that as well; Dragonball, Naruto, Astroboy (Yeah!) the list goes on. Of course we have plenty of Superhero books, Spider-man, Batman, Iron-man, X-men, Superman, Wolverine etc as well as some of the newer characters and series.
And then for the more mature readers (Hey, Spidey webbing up baddies to telephone poles is plenty mature enough for me, but whatevs’) we have more adult material like Fables, Sin City, Sandman, Y the last man, The Walking Dead and plenty of Indie (Independant) books as well
Yeah, we have comics. A lot of them.
But we want more. And that’s where I’m hoping YOU will come in (yes, YOU!). Let us KNOW what you’d like us to have. We plan to fill a lot of the holes in our current collection already but we might still be missing something that you have a hankering for! Email me, (It’s mparkinson at cockburn.wa.gov.au) leave a comment or, if you’re in the neighborhood, come into the Success Library (at Gateway shopping centre) and speak to me directly. We’d love to know exactly what you want the library to have because these books are for you.
Till next week,
Your Friendly neighborhood Library Technician ..er..Assistant..er..comic book ..guy. (I seriously need a better sign off..)