Happy belated free comic book day everybody!

The first Saturday of May is free comic book day – a global event where publishers put out free comics and stores often hold special events such as guest signings or competitions to coincide with it. It’s a pretty cool thing. You can just waltz into a comic store and walk out with a handful of free comics! (Well, generally not in Australia, most local comic shops can’t participate as it costs quite a lot to ship the ‘free comics’ but that’s another matter..)
But you know, EVERY day is free comic book day at Cockburn library! You don’t need to wait for one day a year to walk out the door with a bunch of comics for nothing – you can do that here every day of the week! Well..except Sunday I suppose but as Meatloaf once trilled, six out of seven ain’t bad.

I’m just going to quickly recommend 2 ongoing titles that have just recently hit our shelves without the folksy commentary for once! (Cue joint sighs of relief from across the interwebs) These are titles recommended for the more mature gentleman or lady in mind. (i.e – not for kids.)

As always click on the pics to be taken to our catalogue to reserve them.

New hard hitting Vertigo crime title about life on an Indian reserve. We have volumes 1 and 2 currently. Current favourite of comic critics and probably the best Vertigo title being printed at the moment.

Y the last man

Another excellent Vertigo series about the death of every male on the planet. Except Yorick and his monkey. The entire series covers 10 trade paperbacks and we have the first six with the rest to arrive shortly. Expected to be converted into a (three?) movies at some stage.
I did have more to post but apparently blogger hates me with the passion of a thousand suns and hate half my post which I had already rewritten twice (cue tiny violin playing) so I’ll leave it at that.
Please feel free to leave comments either on the blog or on the facebook page if you have any suggestions on books you’d like us to get in. I aim to spend some more time focusing on manga in the upcoming weeks as thats been sorely lacking both on the blog and in our library.


(Oh! Did everybody watch Thor? What did you think? Pretty awesome I thought.)