Guerrilla googly eyes appear on library book covers

A number of books have fallen victim to a googly-eye rampage at Alexandria-Monroe Public Library, Indiana, US, this week. Library staff have pleaded for an end to the stealthy stickers, writing on their Facebook page that the images will ‘haunt nightmares for all eternity.’

On the same post, the staff shared a picture of the library’s copy of the gothic novella The Turn of the Shrew whose cover character has been given a pair of googly eyes that stare into your very soul.

The tongue-in-cheek Facebook status – which was shared and liked thousands of times – reads:

We’d like to remind patrons to not attach googly eyes to books. It can cause damage to the cover and in this case haunt our nightmares for all eternity. Thank you. – with Creepy Kid.

Picture: Facebook/alexlibraryin

The spread of this public service announcement however, doesn’t seem to be having the desired impact, with comments on the post even implying copycat crimes.

‘If this post was intended to keep people from damaging books, I think it will not accomplish its purpose,’ wrote one library user.

Another added: ‘This post has convinced me I must attach google eyes to all books. Thank you.’

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