What does Step brothersBewitchedAnchorman: the legend of Ron BurgundyAnchorman 2: the legend continuesBlades of gloryKicking & screaming and Megamind all have in common? Will Ferrell of course! The king of comedy has made us laugh before and he is back with another winner. Get Hard has some incredibly funny moments and some even more incredible actors.

get hard

James King (Will Ferrell) has everything. Hedge fund manager, he makes an obscenely huge amount of money. He is also engaged to a gorgeous young lady. He lives in a bubble, happy not to care about the people around him, the people of a lower class. That is until he is convicted of fraud and sentenced to ten years in a maximum security prison. He knows that his chances of survival are pretty slim in such a world and decide to hire Darnell (Kevin Hart) to prepare him for his future life. The poor African-American businessman who’s never even had a parking ticket will have thirty days to teach James how to get hard.

get hard 1

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart have an amazing chemistry. They really are in good form. Despite the jokes being mainly stereotypes of race, class and culture, they manage to make us laugh out loud. There are especially a few key scenes that are absolutely hilarious.

Of course, Get Hard is a typical American comedy. It is insensitive, mostly rude and sometimes completely inappropriate. Because of this, for me, it is not a complete success but it is good enough.


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