Getting started with geocaching

  • Download the app, check the map for a local find and start hunting.
  • Read the activity log first. You don’t want to go searching for a cache that has been missing for months.
  • Pack lots of snacks and drinks and wear sturdy shoes.
  • Take care of the natural environment and look out for snakes in Summer!

Reasons my family enjoys geocaching

  • It can be easily integrated into other hobbies – bushwalking, playground visits, photography, travel, even Pokemon hunting! We often stop for a quick geocache on our way home from outings and after-school activities.
  • Geocaching takes us to new areas that we would not otherwise know about or visit.
  • Variety! Geocaches come in a huge variety of TYPES and SIZES for beginners and experienced geocachers.


Some of our finds from the Cockburn area

If you try geocaching and enjoy it…

  • Upgrade to the premium app. It is less than $40 a year (much cheaper than most family activities!) and will open up thousands of caches worldwide.
  • Check out an introductory webpage such as Geocaching 101 and learn the lingo.
  • Borrow a beginner’s guide from our libraries.
  • Start thinking of ways to create your own ‘hide’ (our first one was a plastic tube tucked into a hole in a log)

Geocaching is an exciting and fun game for adults and kids of all ages. Get outside and give it a go! You might even find a geocache at one of the Cockburn Libraries 😉 logo - Used with permission

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