Fried rice : full Indonesian breakfast

My family and I usually have brunch on Sunday, which can be as late as 12pm with a nice sleep in!  We can have full English breakfast or full Indonesian breakfast. This time, I want to talk about the full Indonesian breakfast, which is usually for the weekend and conveniently made out of leftovers.

The main dish in a full Indonesian breakfast is fried rice with fried egg, and any leftover meat from the week. So you should not be surprised if you see rendang or satay from last night’s dinner served together with the fried rice for a full breakfast. The usual garnish is cut tomato and cucumber.

Some also add lettuce and prawn crackers and my family loves to have finely cut omelette on top of the fried rice. You can be as creative as you want with the full breakfast, just as you like it!

Finely cut chilli can also be mixed with sweet soy sauce and finely cut shallot as a chilli relish or the chilli relish can be an additional sauce served on the side.

For those who like it hot :

cut chilli can be sprinkled on top with the fried shallot

If you frequently have leftover rice, you can make the best fried rice out of it. The leftover rice is usually dryer and good to be mixed with other ingredients and then stir-fried.  When served, the rice is not lumped together with the additional ingredients.

Fried rice is very flexible and can cater for any taste. Think of a scrambled egg (plus onion+garlic and other ingredients that you like) then you are set for fried rice which is to your taste. The key is to fry the rice slowly on a low fire until it reaches the consistency that you like. For instance, I like it dry so I fry mine longer than that for my husband.

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