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Free solo: perfection or death

Score 96%

Movies are powerful; they can stay with you and sometimes even make you change. How a work of fiction can be so gripping is absolutely amazing. I personally enjoy most kind of movies but when you know that those stories actually happened in real life, I believe it adds another dimension to the experience. Free solo was released as a motion picture but it is a stunning documentary. Sit back and be prepared for an adventure of another kind where each step could mean life or death.

Alex Honnold

What if he falls?

Alex Honnold is one of the world’s best free soloist climber. It means he risks his life everyday climbing huge mountains with no ropes. It also means that most of his acquaintances that were in the same line of work as him are no longer with us today. This is the reality of this line of work.

In Free solo, he attempts an adventure of another kind. The 3200 foot El Capitan mountain in Yosemite has never been attempted without a rope. It is a monster staring him in the face and daring him. His loved ones and especially his girlfriend try to reason with him but Alex is resolved. If he reaches the top, it will be the largest wall anyone has ever climbed without safety equipment. If he fails and slip, it will mean certain death.

Each day, there is a chance you might die. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Every living being on Earth is facing that same existential rift.

Alex Honnold



Summary Alex Honnold follows his passion but take it to the extreme by choosing to climb without safety equipment. On a 3200 foot mountain, each step could be his last. Gripping and simply stunning to watch.

Adrenaline rush

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Jen P

Hi, my name is Jen and I work at the Spearwood Public Library. I help with the Home Library Service and take care of the new items that come in. I love movies so if you need help choosing one don't hesitate to come and ask me.

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