Some of the masks we made
– pretty awesome!
SO! The library had free comic book day on Saturday – a worldwide event where every comic shop (and a few libraries) on Earth gave out free comic books!  We handed out hundreds and hundreds of comic books on the day so hopefully everyone that came in is enjoying theirs.  I particularly enjoyed the Spongebob Squarepants comic myself.
Not only did we have free comics to give away we but also did a Special Saturday Superhero Storytime Session (SSSSS!) where we had around 30 superheros descend upon the library and listen to some stories and activities along with their parents.  We read a few super books, drew a few superheros and designed our own superhero – Super Ninja Tomato Head Boy.  I even spotted our  mayor hiding in the crowd.  I hope he enjoyed “Charlie’s superhero underpants” as much as everyone else did.

Finally in the afternoon we had childrens illustrator and cartoonist James Foley present a workshop on drawing comics.  James was great – we learnt about how to draw different expressions, animals, TNT, explosions – you know, the norm.  We then workshopped our own 4 panel comic book which of course involved explosions.  Always with the explosions.  James then finished up doing drawings for everyone – thanks heaps James it was great! And make sure you check out James book “The Last Viking” from the library.  Plus keep an eye out for his new book “In the Lion”  It was a busy day and great fun – thanks to EVERYONE who participated and especially to the kids who came dressed up! You guys are awesome.  We do have a 100$ voucher from Quality Comics to give away to one lucky winner which I’ll announce on Facebook within the next few days so hold tight!