The wait is over. Prepare yourself, Fifty Shades of Grey is finally available on DVD!  Following the huge success of the trilogy written by E. L. James, director Sam Taylor-Johnson couldn’t pass the opportunity to turn Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele into famous motion picture characters. Once called Mommy Porn, the books were aimed at housewives around the world. It was an instant phenomenon. Everybody was talking about it. They will now talk about the movie.


Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is studying English Literature in college. She is very quiet and reserved but when her sick roommate ask her to interview billionaire businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) for her, she accepts. It will change her life forever. Christian is enigmatic, charismatic and incredibly handsome. He straight away takes a liking to Ana. She is not what he is used to. She is fragile, funny and … inexperienced. They quickly plunge into an intense affair but Anna soon realizes that Mr. Grey has special tastes. Can she handle it? Is she made for this world of dominant and submissive? She will push the boundaries of pain and pleasure and try to discover who she really is.


Movies are rarely better than books. However, in this case, you can’t do much worse than the appalling writing of E. L. James. On the screen, everything has been tamed and it becomes an almost regular love story. The outrageous sex scenes found in the writing disappear and we find some tasteful erotica instead. Nothing much is shown and regrettably that goes also for the dominant nature of Christian Grey. Indeed, Jamie Dornan paints us a less charismatic and frightful Mr. Grey and a more gawk eyed, pretty boy in love. Thankfully, Dakota Johnson does a way better job. She manages to bring humor, sensitivity and vulnerability to Anastasia.

In conclusion, if you enjoyed the books you will miss the harsh relationship and the harsher sex scenes depicted vividly by the author. You will most likely be disappointed by Jamie Dornan’s performance but you will like the way they turned the red room into a reality.

If, like me, you didn’t enjoy the books. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. I was getting so sick of sex scenes when I was reading that I was afraid that the movie might feel the same but they were extremely dialed down and they all served a purpose. I also enjoyed the power that Anastasia has over Christian. Despite everything, she seems to have the most power in the relationship. It was nice to see that she just doesn’t bend to his will that easily.

And finally, if  you are a man, you will most certainly hate it.