Fermenting for Gut Health

Our immune system relies heavily on good gut health to function at an optimal level. Studies suggest that eating fermented foods is highly beneficial for gut health, boosting immunity and weight management.

Fermented foods and beverages are inexpensive and easy to make. Learn how to make them with Kristen Pavez, who will teach you about a range of healthy gut supporting whole foods. Not only will these be delicious, but they will nurture and delight your friends and family.

In this demonstration style class, you’ll learn how to make:

Kombucha – a fermented beverage made from tea & sugar

Kimchi – a slightly spicy Korean fermented food that will tingle your tastebuds

Creamy Coconut Yoghurt – this dairy free yoghurt is super creamy and easy to make.

You will receive tastings of these delicious fermented foods and beverages along with recipes via email so that you have access to them at all times.

When: 20 August at 6pm

Where: Success Library Community Room