February’s been an exciting month for books here at the library.
(well, every month’s an exciting month for books, when you’re in a library…)

We’ve got new books pouring in, old favourites flying out the doors, and a few dark horses surprising us all. Let’s have a look at February, in books – click on the links to go straight to the catalogue.

Just released

Some ever-popular authors have had new books out this month – one of James Patterson’s romances, First Love, about two teenage cancer patients (sounds a bit like one of our perennial favourites, The Fault in Our Stars, which is currently flying out the door as everyone tries to read it before the movie comes out later this year!)

Jack Higgins brought out The Death Trade, a thriller in the best tradition, throwing his hero Sean Dillon in the path of terrorists and nuclear weapons.

Barbara Taylor Bradford, getting into the Downton Abbey spirit, released Cavendon Hall, a family saga that begins in 1913 and follows the fates of the aristocratic Ingham family, and their servants the Swanns.

And Perth local Shona Husk, who recently visited us at Spearwood Library, has the newest installment in her Annwyn series, Lord of the Hunt, a fiery paranormal romance in the tradition of J.R. Ward and Patricia Briggs (read Jessica’s review of Shona’s book The Goblin King


Aussie author P.M. Newton’s second book in the Detective Nhu ‘Ned’ Kelly series, Beams Falling, has just been released, and should be on our shelves before long, along with the first installment, The Old School.

Newton’s fellow Australian ‘Sister in Crime’ Kathryn Fox has also just released her newest Anya Crichton thriller, Fatal Impact, which we’re expecting any day now.

One of the most-talked-about books of the new year is about to be released: Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance, second book in his new series The Stormlight Archives. For fans of Game of Thrones who can’t wait for Season 4, the first in Sanderson’s series, The Way of Kings, is available now. Challenge yourself to read all 1007 pages before the new book comes out!

Joanne Harris, of Chocolat fame, has just published a new fantasy for adults, called The Gospel of Loki. Fans of the Avengers, approach with caution – this Loki is no Tom Hiddleston (although he might be a bit more fun!)

Last but not least, Jeffrey Archer’s newest is bound to cause a frenzy. Be Careful What You Wish For is family drama, thriller and intrigue – just what his fans ordered!


To no one’s surprise, The Book Thief has been too hot to handle this past month. With the movie released earlier this year, everyone wanted to get their fill of the book before they experienced Liesel’s story on the big screen (although we suspect some people are still waiting!)

Sarah Wilson’s breakthrough detox cookbook I Quit Sugar is still going strong, and with her new companion I Quit Sugar For Life released yesterday, we’re only anticipating more demand.

Graeme Simsion’s debut novel The Rosie Project has gone from strength to strength, growing in popularity since its January 2013 release, and it seems to be going gangbusters with our Cockburn Libraries patrons recently. Anyone tell us why?

Another mysteriously popular book that has us scratching our heads lately is Opening the Door to Your Heart, and other Buddhist Tales of Happiness, by Ajahn Brahm. Published in 2004, this little book of wisdom and stories by a Buddhist monk has chugged along happily until recently, when it’s been requested and requested again by our loyal borrowers. Any clues that could shed light on its sudden popularity would be welcomed.

And finally, a dark horse that has won the hearts of many, Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience by Shaun Usher, from the blog of the same name, is proving to be just as popular as its online counterpart. Check out the heartwarming, fascinating and funny blog while you wait for the book to sit on our shelves for more than half a minute!


Loretta Hill, Mandy Magro, Fiona Palmer, Rachael Treasure, Fleur McDonald… if any of these names ring a bell, you might just be a fan of Rural Romance, the latest genre craze to be sweeping Aussie publishing!
Taking the stunning Australian outback as its setting, rural romance pits its tough women characters against the elements, against tradition, and even against themselves. The authors are all genuine country girls themselves, and write from years’ worth of experiences living on stations and farms, riding, droving and working hard. We’ve just received a whole heap of new rural romances – click here to see them – and we’re loving every one of them (although we do admit to giggling at an alternative title for the genre:
Chook Lit!)