A book review of The Eye of the Sheep by Sophie Laguna.

The Eye of the Sheep is a beautiful story of Jimmy Flick, a little boy with behavioral problems and his dysfunctional family. Jimmy sees the world and perceives things differently.

sheepJimmy’s mother Paula is the only person who can handle him and has taught him to go to sleep by counting sheep. He has a collection of manuals for the household equipment and loves trying to work out how things connect.

The family is relatively poor and Jimmy has a tough life, especially once he starts school where no one understands him. His dad has difficulty expressing his emotions and is prone to listening to romantic songs, drinking whiskey and then beating his wife. Eventually this leads to problems within the family and events take a tragic turn for Jimmy who has little understanding of what is happening around him.

I really enjoyed the story and highly recommend it.

Sophie Laguna won the 2015 Miles Franklin Award for this book.

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