The digital age has developed an unprecedented amount of opportunities and connections all over the world.

These advances have been integral in the education sector, where students are now able to take their courses online, from anywhere in the world.

in 2014, the internet has been blessed with a tool that has turned education institutions every where, upside down…

Free education, not from an untrustworthy source, but one of the most credible education sources in the world – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT have been providing education to top tier students since 1865 and have since then produced Astronauts, UN Secretaries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Laureates and countless CEO’s and are now offering free courses to you!

If you would like to browse their courses, you can do so here. If you don’t have your own computer, you can always come to one of our libraries and use one of our PCs for up to two hours per day.