For the adventurers or for those who, like me, prefer watching danger from the couch, Everest is the perfect movie. Based on a true story, it takes us into an unfathomable world where dead bodies are common and oxygen is rare.


After spending many weeks preparing, going from the different camp bases and acclimating to the difficult conditions a group of climbers led by Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) and Scott Fisher (Jake Gyllenhaal) finally take off for their final ascension toward the summit of Mount Everest on the morning of May 10, 1996. But Everest is not just any mountain, it is the highest on Earth and when a storm suddenly rolls in, being prepared means nothing anymore. The teams will encounter freezing temperatures and will fight for oxygen in a battle to survive. Unfortunately, not everyone can win against almost impossible odds.


This movie has breathtaking acting and scenery. It is incredible to witness the passion some people have for the mountain. They will stop at nothing to reach the top and that is saying something because Everest is not just a challenge. It is a trip many people don’t come back from. One mistake can lead to death. Endurance and determination are not enough here, the weather is also a major factor.

Everest portrays the hardship and the reality of the climb brilliantly. The only downfall, like in all of these types of movies, the end is predictable. It is a disaster story and it becomes quickly certain that a lot of people will die. If you are not aware of the original story, 8 people lost their lives that day in the “death zone”, some 26000 feet above ground where human beings cannot survive more than 48 hours and where more than 150 bodies remain today. Indeed, the conditions are such that recovering the bodies becomes a suicidal task.