On Monday 17th of August, Don Tate visited Spearwood Library to talk about his life, the Vietnam War and his book The War Within. When the first man was walking on the moon in 1969, Don Tate was lying in a hospital bed in Vung Tau with a gaping hole in his side. His book, which took four years to write, was great therapy, he disclosed, to deal with the anger that he felt about his impoverished, violent life and his dissolution with the war that he had so eagerly volunteered to join. Don talked about the success of his book that had been well received by many Vietnam veterans. He said that even though he was only a private he had an important story to tell, especially about his phantom unit and how his wartime service was not recognised. During the talk the group was shown a film that Don shot during his duty as an Infantryman in Vietnam. It was heart wrenching to find out that many of the fresh faced youths who featured in the film, laughing and clowning around, had died during the war.