On Saturday 18 July, Success Public Library had the privilege of having Dog Whisperer, behavior consultant and professional dog trainer Kathy Kopellis Mcleod come along to speak to members of the community. Kathy was able to share her knowledge and expertise on a range of topics in regards to the wonderful world of dogs. She touched on various topics including inappropriate barking, nipping, separation anxiety, behavioral problems and social interaction with other dogs. Approximately 80 people attended the event and those who attended had the ability to ask questions directly to Kathy about problems they are experiencing with their little furry friends.


Kathy has successfully completed a Canine Behaviour Specialist Course and attained a Certificate in Canine behaviour. Kathy has also obtained a certified status with the International Association of Animal Behaviour consultants providing her with the title of Certified Dog behaviour consultant.  Kathy is also an honorary member of the RSPCA WA and is a member of the Association of the Pet Dog Trainers Australia and Canine Association of Western Australia.  Kathy also has a fantastic website that has a range of information about her products, workshops, and online session.


We also have all of Kathy’s books in our catalogue.

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This is my dog her name is ‘Princess’ and is probably in need of some training as she is very cheeky and spoiled.