A great documentary can be informative but they can also be fun or inspiring. From journeys to Everest to riding bikes in France, here is the list of some amazing stories I have watched recently and definitely recommend.

Monday: Kevin hart: Let me explain

It is the beginning of the week. Let’s face it, it is tough but I have just the remedy. In Madison Square Garden arena, live and in front of two sold out crowds, Kevin Hart performs a clever, over the top show. For over an hour, I guarantee unstoppable laughter. Let your worries float away. This is going to put you in a great mood for the week ahead.

Tuesday: Sherpa

Your energy is up thanks to the great comedy you’ve watched yesterday. However, let’s be honest, you’re not ready to climb Everest just yet. The solution, watch the Sherpas climb it for you and, at the same time, learn their amazing story. They are the ones that carry all the gear required to reach the summit. Their job is merciless. Prepare to be humbled. There are no one more courageous.

Wednesday: Planet Earth: Part one and Part two

Witnessing those people climb Everest and die for money was exhausting. Too much emotions. What you need is some relaxing times. Sit back and watch the animal kingdom as you’ve never seen it before. Planet Earth is simply incredible. It is a wonder how the crew managed to get shots this magical. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

Thursday: David Attenborough’s Great barrier reef

You’re hooked! Animals are too interesting. With this new documentary, David Attenborough will take you see something a little closer to home, one of Australia’s greatest wonder. How do corals reproduce? Is the great barrier reef really in danger?

Friday: Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret

You now love all animals and want to save the planet. Cowspiracy will show you the path to a greener Earth.

Saturday: Le ride

You’re now a vegetarian and want to embrace healthy living. Why not take on bike riding? In Le ride, two enthusiastic bikers have a crazy idea: recreate the 1924 Tour de France. With bikes twice as heavy a they are now and bumpy roads, you are in for a treat.

Sunday: Nelson Mandela: from freedom to history

Your mind and body are now healthy. You want to change the world but need inspiration. Nelson Mandela will be your guide. A perfect way to end the week is definitely to fight oppression an become president.

You are ready to start a whole new week. Enjoy!