Diana is a love story. It also gives us an insight on how the princess lived the last two years of her life. Written by Stephen Jeffrey and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, it tells the story of Diana’s secret relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon, Dr. Hasnat Khan.


Diana (Naomi Watts)  is lonely. After separating from Charles, Prince of Wales, she lives alone in her palace. She only gets to see her children once every month or so. She roams her apartments, watches TV and cooks baked beans alone. One day, while visiting a sick friend, she meets Hasnat (Naveen Andrews). She is fascinated and finds a way to see him again. They finally go on a date and start a secret relationship.

Diana was at the time the most famous women in a world. Chased after by paparazzi, she is shown as being on the verge of a breakdown. Everybody loved her but she was ultimately alone.

What comes out of this movie is the importance Dr. Khan puts on his career.  For him, nothing is more important than is work. Being a heart surgeon allows him to save lives and the lovely Diana can only love him more for that. She eats his every word and is portrayed as a lost little girl. She asks him for advice on political affairs for example and trusts him with her life. Indeed, the film depicts her historic tours of Angola where she campaigned against land mines, her trips to Australia, Pakistan, New York, Bosnia, Italy and ultimately Paris. When he rejects her for the second or third time, she goes on to date Dodi Fayed, a failed attempt to make Hasnat jealous.


This movie is tragic because Diana’s death is ultimately unavoidable. She will die at Pont Alma Tunnel, in Paris, France. The only questions are: Will she find love and comfort? Is someone strong enough to catch the queen of hearts? It could be very interesting from this point of view but the script is sloppy at best. Despite Naomi Watts’ good performance, we are lead to believe that she was immature and not very bright. Same goes on for the character of Khan, who is shown as petulant, unsympathetic and most of all, unwilling to put love before his career.

The real Dr. Khan has declared: 

“It is based on gossip and Diana’s friends talking about a relationship that they didn’t know much about, and some of my relatives who didn’t know much about it either. It is based on hypotheses and gossip.”

I will say that it is a soppy romance that will still bring a tear to your eye. Not because the script leads you there but because we all remember and love Princess Diana and that thinking about her death is simply sad.