Dear Fahrenheit 451 – book review

A letter from a librarian to a book consisting of letters from a librarian to books


Dear Dear Fahrenheit 451

Reading you was an absolute pleasure! You began with a book I read just a couple of months ago so we bonded immediately. Then you went on to describe your feelings towards so many books, and to the process of weeding them from a library (a sad but necessary part of library life!). I devoured your pages, reading late into the night and then, when I thought you were at your peak of hilarity, love and well-placed swearing… you threw in a section just for me!

Well, ok, for all library employees… but I felt chosen. Excuses to get out of occasions when I want to stay home with my book, recommendations to entice my husband back to reading, long books, short books, books about LIBRARIANS! Be still, my paperbound heart!

But now, I must say goodbye. It is time to search our suppliers for every book you think I should buy for my library.


If you work in a library or love libraries, or love books or books about books, then you should read Dear Fahrenheit 451

“THIS list includes novels about librarians that aren’t typecast as Vamp or Corpse. The only thing the librarians in this list have in common is that they work at libraries. And wear cardigans. That stereotype is true. We are always cold as s— because we have snake blood and forked tongues. Our shushes are really lisps. Anyway, onward.”

Readin’ Nerdy: Books About Librarians (p.193)