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Dark Waters

Score 97%
Robert Bilott

It is rare that I put on a movie with zero expectations of what it is going to be like. I usually know snippets of the story or I’ve heard reviews. I also like to watch trailers. But when I borrowed Dark Waters from the library I didn’t know anything about it and I didn’t bother to look it up. I like Mark Ruffalo and I thought it could be half decent. I sat on the couch, reading a book at the same time but I was quickly captivated and it got my full attention.   

Those are the movies you remember, the ones that surprise you.

A shocking true story


It’s a small matter for a family friend. I’ll get in, and I’ll get out. Help a guy who needs it.

Rob Bilott

What Rob uncovers is a dark secret hidden by the very same corporation he works for ; a secret that is destroying thousands of lives.

Will he risk his future, his family and his life? Will he be able to expose the truth?



Summary If you like true stories, this on is not to be missed. It will send shivers down your throat. Indeed, it is an issue that affects all of us.


About The Author

Jen P

Hi, my name is Jen and I work at the Spearwood Public Library. I help with the Home Library Service and take care of the new items that come in. I love movies so if you need help choosing one don't hesitate to come and ask me.

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