Crafts in Iso – Crochet (The Virus Blanket)

Update time!

I am fairly addicted to crochet now and work on a project most days. An enjoyable pattern I discovered is the virus blanket (named because it spreads like a virus!). I decided to learn how to make this blanket using some cheap yarn and it is quite easy, but looks more advanced than my beginner status.

The pattern starts off looking like a doily then there are four rows that are repeated to add the fan shapes and spaces between.

Photograph of virus blanket

I learn the pattern from the Bella Coco YouTube tutorial which involved a lot of watching then pausing but was a great way to ensure I was doing the right stitches (she uses UK terminology but I learnt US). I then wrote myself a note for the ‘four round repeat’ and used my little stitch counter to keep track. This blanket can be made as large or small as you would like. 

I have also been working on a couple of other projects to learn new techniques. One was a toy crocodile (which looks a bit like a bob-tailed lizard but not too bad for my first toy!) and the other was slippers. They are too big for my son but he wears them every day anyway!

Since we’ve come back to working in the library, Michaela and I have kept up our crochet. One day she asked me if I’d heard of a virus blanket.

I had not.

She showed me hers and I started making one not long after.

I had started a different blanket before this but had to pause when I ran out of wool and couldn’t buy more until a restock. So, I was very pleased to have another blanket to work on.

Since taking up crochet I’ve had an explosion of wool appear at my house and I hadn’t been quite sure what to do with this one I got from Big W. Obviously, I was just waiting for this project.

I didn’t make the whole blanket out of the same colour cake so I used about 10cm of dual wool in the crossover to try and replicate the colour change seen in the rest of the blanket. I think it worked pretty well.

I’ve used a 16mm hook for this as it’s what the wool called for and I think this will be a summer blanket to take advantage of the holes and gaps in the pattern.