Colonia is an incredible story of determination and courage.

In 1973, a romance blooms between a stewardess and an activist. However, love in Chili at this time is complicated. In the backdrop of the military coup, fleeing the country seems more important than a flirt or does it? Colonia brings us an unexpected account of two amazing people that will stop at nothing to be free together. It will bring you chills.

Paul Schäfer: Anyone can torture, but to break a person without harming physically, that’s an art.


Colonia is inspired by true events.

It tells the tale of Daniel and Lena, a young German couple. They are madly in love and carefree but when Salvator Allende gets overturned by General Pinochet everything changes. Indeed, as a supporter of the deposed president, Daniel gets abducted by the secret police and taken to a camp. Lena cannot turn her back on him and decides to find out exactly where he was taken. Her quest will draw her to the infamous Colonia Dignidad. She dresses as a nun to infiltrate the place and try to find her beloved. Little does she know what really goes on inside.


This impossible quest really touched me.

Places like Colonia Dignidad are terrifying and I cannot help but wonder how they managed to stay hidden for so long. It is a reminder of World War Two and the horrors that went on except it happened not so long ago.

The madness is intensified by the acting prowess of Emma Watson. Little Hermione (Emma’s character in Harry Potter) has grown up and she is magnificent. She portrays perfectly the courage as well as the constant fright that Lena must have endured.

This historical/romance film is amazing but I do not want to say too much and spoil the movie. Do yourself a favor and borrow it. You will not be disappointment.