So I’ve been a little quite on the blog front for a while but I’m mostly recovering still from the craziness of two weeks of Children’s Book Week.  This year we decided that one week of special guests and visits to the library and to schools wasn’t enough so we went for two!

Week One (Children’s Book week) started with a visit to Beeliar Primary with writer Raewyn Caisely who was amazing.  She talked to Yrs 3-5’s about reading and writing and revealed how story structure was like a big mac. Complete with hamburger.

It continued with a visit to Coolbellup library from author Elaine Forrestal.  Unfortunately after a bit of a mixup we ended up out at Kerry Street community school and Elaine talked about writing, read a story and got the kids to then act out a play based on one of her books.

At the same time on Tuesday, Joesphine and Goggles (but without Goggles) paid a visit to the storytime kids at Spearwood library with a session based on the theme for CBW 2012 – Champions Read.  Josephine would also do sessions at Success and Coolbellup for us over the two weeks.  She was great – everyone loved her as usual. 

We finished off the week with another school visit by writer/politician Julia Lawrinson at South Coogee primary.  She talked to the older kids about herself and then we ran a writing workshop for the best and brightest.

Week two started with illustrator Shannon Melville revealing her art secrets at Success primary – she even did a couple of drawings which got raffled off to two lucky winners.  Not only that but she also had t-shirts and bookmarks from her most recent book to giveaway! 

Next up we had writer/illustrator/sculptor Sean E. Avery visit at Spearwood library to talk about his book “All monkeys love bananas” as well as to give us some tips on how to do picturebooks and how to make giant hummingbirds out of CD shards.

On Thursday we visited Phoenix primary school for some comic book workshops with amazing artist Campbell Whyte and on Friday we had local prize winning author Meg McKinlay – who despite being barely able to stand due to illness – did 3 amazing talks at Phoenix and Spearwood primary schools.

FINALLY on Saturday we ran some Reading hour sessions at the three different branches.  Michael read some stories and ran a book making session at Coolbellup, Chantelle did the same at Success and we had actor/storyteller Tiffany Barton at Spearwood library with her show “Tall tales for small children” as well as bookmaking run by Luba.

PHEW!  In the end we ended up talking to just over 800 children!  I hope you had a good time if you were at any of the sessions and we’ll do it all again next year!