If you love NCIS, Hawaii Five-O, Elementary and other detective shows, look no further. Chicago P D is one of the best TV series of the moment. It has got punch and it is not for the faint hearted.

Simply awesome.


District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is a harsh neighbourhood. It is ruled by gangs. To fight crime, two different groups of people work in unison: the uniformed cops deal with everyday issues while the Intelligence Unit tackles the worst of the worst. Hank Voight and his team have hard decisions to make everyday. They are tough and relentless but will that ever be enough?  Indeed, what can the police really do in a place where gang laws prevail?

They have to be feared as much as the bad guys and Hank is the only one for the job. To rid HIS streets of crime, he will not hesitate to cross the line. Will he go too far?

You might wonder about police brutalities and the will to serve justice instead of vengeance but once you have noticed the atrocities some people are capable of, are cuffs enough? Should a child murderer, once caught, be treated with respect? Should justice be delivered at all costs?


Chicago P D is a great show.

I loved the dynamics between the complex characters. There are old school cops teaching the newbies how to deal with things. The world is not black and white. These officers are humans and exist in grey areas. They are put in front of impossible situations and try to make the best decisions.

The plots are very interesting and lead to moral dilemmas. Do not miss this series.

Sergeant Hank Voight: That was good intel. You can write the report on this one. Cuff him.
Detective Sumners: Should I include the part where you shot an unarmed suspect?
Sergeant Hank Voight: No, you can leave that part out.