Checking out Chickens!

Do you remember the warm egg you collected from under a chicken? The excitement of cooking that egg for breakfast? The reassuring “bookbook” sound in the chook pen?

This workshop will cover many aspects of keeping chickens, such as:

Housing needs

Feeding requirements

Local laws

Hatching chicks naturally

Common ailments

Best breeds to get

Come and be inspired by these food scrap eaters, egg producers and wonderful pets.


With a lifespan averaging eight to ten years, the good news is that chickens are an asset to any home, backyard or garden – and the benefits of keeping chickens goes far beyond eggs for breakfast. 

Book cover for Keeping chickens: An Australian Guide

Join Shani Graham from sustainable urban farm Ecoburbia for this workshop which just might include a chook or two!

When: Wednesday 10 February 6-7.30pm

Where: Success Library, 11 Wentworth Parade Success

Book cover for Keeping chickens for Dummies