Kanopy streaming movies

The library is closed for an unspecified amount of time. But e-resources will hopefully help many of you to get through this while we all exercise social distancing and more hand washing than a garbo’s Christmas party.

Kanopy is a free movie streaming service provided by Cockburn Libraries and unlike most free services, Kanopy, believe it or not, is actually quite good. It’s unexpectedly good, like walking into Woolworths and finding a 6 pack of Quilton Gold 4 ply there for the taking.

OK, Netflix or Stan are more your Quilton Gold 4 ply vibe but Kanopy is quite a few notches above that recycled stuff ; recycled from razor blades and granite if memory serves me correctly ; though I’m sure it’s improved over time.

There’s a wide range of movies available with categories like:

Oscar Winners and Nominees

May I suggest, Searching For Sugar Man, if you are in need of a lift (and who isn’t?) or if you’ve seen Ford vs Ferrari, or plan to, you may want to check out The 24 Hour War, the real story behind it all.

Feel-Good Films

No takers?

Australian Cinema

The Dressmaker, The original Storm Boy, Animal Kingdom, The Tracker and Razorback to name but a few (I’ve no idea why Razorback is not in the Oscar Winners, obviously an oversight).

Short Film

If your concentration span has suddenly slipped into that of a two year old, like mine, these might do the trick.

There are many more categories to choose from and countless movies to browse your way through.

The only downside really is a limit of 4 movies per month. But that does apply to each member of the library, so couples and families should be able to boost their intake if required.

The Great Courses

If the download limit is not enough for you, there is also a category of Non-fiction and educational videos called The Great Courses. This category allows unlimited downloads.

Kanopy Kids

If you are looking after the kids during your time at home, you may want to check out the excellent selection of kids films available on Kanopy Kids.

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So head on down and get your Kanopy on!

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